Sponsorships: Why Partner with the IAMCP?
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“Partnering with IAMCP is an extremely unique and results-driven growth opportunity, because it is not based on ‘sponsorship,’ it’s based on building long-term reciprocal relationships. Any technology organization looking to expand their sales channel quickly and exponentially should consider engaging with IAMCP.”

— Jeffrey Goldstein, Managing Partner, Queue Associates, (Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner) 


 “I really believe in sponsorship. Microsoft is doing a lot right now to embrace ISVs, and these folks get so much business from doing as little as coming and presenting at a single chapter meeting. For instance, recently an ISV who built a solution to help law firms with calendaring sponsored a Southern California chapter luncheon. Out of the 40 IAMCP members invited, 35 attended – and of those, 20 expressed serious interest in becoming resellers. If you want to reach the influencers in the Microsoft channel, you want to go with IAMCP.” 

  Justin Slagle, Partner Sales Executive, Southern California Region, Microsoft


 “As a national sponsor, Robert Half Technology is proud to support the IAMCP mission and membership, because IAMCP appreciates our contribution and is dedicated to helping us find value in each dollar we spend. They worked with us to create a unique package that includes content, advertising and events to help meet our business needs. They are also just great folks to work with – we have enjoyed our relationship and look forward to the future!” 

 — Julie Plonk, Strategic Alliance Manager, Robert Half


A recent IDC study described the IAMCP as “one of the strongest groups of business technology solution providers in the world.” When you partner with IAMCP, you gain a unique and powerful set of value propositions to economically and efficiently help you build, grow and improve your channel and your channel partner program. Why not put a global, committed community of top Microsoft partners—dedicated to partnership, outstanding quality of service, innovation, education and growth—on your side?


What do you get?

When you engage with IAMCP, you can:

  • Easily and efficiently reach the top influencers in the Microsoft channel

  • Expand your channel economically and immediately

  • Gain experienced and committed resellers

  • Ensure high-quality, knowledgeable representation and delivery

  • Expand with minimal investment into virtually any major US city and worldwide

  • Benefit from members’ understanding of regional markets and local vertical client needs

  • Receive valuable input on developing products and solutions to fit market needs

  • Realize new opportunities and business expansion through collaborations with high-value partners


How Does Partnership Work?

IAMCP creates partnership packages tailored to the specific needs of an organization at all levels of investment—from sponsoring and presenting at a single regional meeting, to a fully integrated nation-wide collaboration. In addition, IAMCP offers premium sponsorship packages—opportunities crafted to develop community and support around companies that continuously support IAMCP, and designed to bring integrated value to both IAMCP sponsoring partners and IAMCP members at multiple touch points. To learn more about partnership opportunities, pricing and our premium sponsorship packages, view our sponsorship brochure. For general questions, to discuss your organization’s particular needs, and/or to craft a customized partnership package, please contact Erik Frantzen at us.sponsorship@iamcp.org or 214-445-6396.



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