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“IAMCP and IAMCP WIT (Women in Technology) have enabled me to find extremely valuable professional connections with like-minded women. All of my IAMCP WIT colleagues work in the technology space, and we advise each other with common challenges—like how to maintain respect in a male-dominated field without having to go against your core nature. The majority of the people I deal with on a day-to-day basis are men and it is great to have a female-oriented forum to discuss the issues we all face as technology professionals — whether these be social or business related — all while getting trusted, hardworking business partners in the process. IAMCP WIT gives us all valuable business contacts, technical knowledge and wonderful new friends in a single organization.” 


— Beth Burrell, Field Engineer—CRM, Tribridge, Inc.



“Participation in the IAMCP allows you to have invaluable conversations with business peers in a truly collaborative context. Members share how they do business with customers and how they interact with Microsoft, resulting in a vital trove of shared and evolving best practices. This is a unique opportunity—one that cannot be replicated in a classroom or any other type of educational setting.”  

— Kenneth Meyer, Owner and CEO, KdmConsulting 


Why Join?


The International Association of Microsoft Partners (IAMCP) helps its members most effectively deliver world class solutions to their clients while enhancing its members’ ties to Microsoft.


Under its guiding philosophy of Connect, Learn and Grow, IAMCP provides vital benefits to its members:

  • Direction and support from Microsoft on strategy, sales, marketing and technical enablement for partners of all sizes

  • Exclusive educational opportunities

  • Peer collaboration and best practice expertise

  • Community-building charitable opportunities

  • Assistance navigating and leveraging the Microsoft ecosystem

  • P2P (partner-to-partner) referral opportunities

  • P2P alliance opportunities

  • Strong, long-lasting, reciprocal business relationships built on trust and mutual respect

How to Join

PICK THE IAMCP LOCATION that’s closest to you.  Join here


Ask any questions. 


If you have any questions about registering, please contact us at info@iamcp.org. Read through our FAQs here.


Start off for success.
  • Give to receive. The most successful IAMCP participants have the golden rule in mind.  Join a committee, volunteer, provide a referral. What goes around comes around—and giving makes you feel good, too.
  • Know what you do. Have a clear understanding of your core strengths and explain these to your peers. Always try and describe your organization in terms of collaboration rather than competition, e.g. – if CRM is a small part of your business, and another member in your chapter focuses on CRM 24/7, don’t position yourself as a CRM provider.
  • Be proactive. IAMCP provides a sharp set of tools to build closer ties to Microsoft, navigate the Microsoft system, and collaborate with peers for partnerships and referrals.  But you have to pick up those tools to use them.
  • Participate in your onboarding meeting. For example, in the US, IAMCP has a Membership Success Program that occurs the third Wednesday of every month. The purpose of this conference call is to help new and renewed members across the United States learn about the value of IAMCP and working with Microsoft. Be sure to RSVP when you receive your invite to this meeting.
  • Attend chapter meetings. Prioritize your IAMCP commitment, be consistent and show up. Through attendance you derive value from the educational and networking opportunities. Consistency also demonstrates reliability and builds the trust needed for business alliances.
  • Complete your profile. You created a profile on the IAMCP website when you became a member. As a second step, ensure your profile has thorough information about you and your company.
  • Get involved. Help out with the day-to-day operations of the chapter. Whether it is greeting guests, helping to plan events or simply overseeing the food delivery, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved based on your time commitment.




Review our membership rules. 


Members of IAMCP agree to respect the privacy of their fellow members. Members may not in any way distribute, publish, reproduce or inappropriately use any information in the IAMCP membership directory profiles. Members may not distribute the IAMCP membership directory or any information in the directory to non-members.

Members must read the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct available on the IAMCP website and agree to abide by the code. Failure to meet or follow any of the membership requirements may result in termination of membership.


Members also agree to receive periodic communications by email, phone or mail regarding the status of membership and benefits and offers available to them as an association member.

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