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IAMCP Communicator - January 2019 Edition
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                                                          IAMCP Communicator
                                                            January 2019 Edition

Welcome from Sérgio Baptista, IAMCP International President

Almost every day, somewhere in the world, an event takes place that connects partners with other partners and Microsoft employees, face-to-face, in one of our chapters around the globe. And that is the unique value proposition that IAMCP has developed over the years: a strong sense of community that is fuelled by in-person gatherings.

This has been going on for a quarter of a century! 25 years! That is how long IAMCP has been around providing a collective voice of the ecosystem, a platform for trusted partnerships between our members, advocating for Microsoft partners and for Microsoft, as our success is bonded together.

It is my privilege to lead this organization on its 25th anniversary. As you may know, our bylaws define a rotational system, by which every year the organization is led by a delegate of one of its regions. EMEA follows US, and I get to succeed Jon Sastre, who stays on the board helping with the transition, as I will when my term is over. I am going through this explanation because I am always amazed by how well these 25-year-old bylaws work, and how it all makes sense.

Jon has been an inspirational leader. We owe him the reorganization of IAMCP into 3 regions (AMERICAS, APAC, EMEA) and the empowerment of the working committees that will guarantee that work is moved forward, allowing that a smaller International Board becomes more focused on developing a strategy for growth.

This renewed International Board has a debt of gratitude to the previous, where many served with the sole purpose of making this community shine. A special thank you to those that will not continue, either because they are pursuing other goals or because their term has come to an end. Corinne Sharp and Gail Mercer-MacKay left to found The WIT Network, together with Christine Bongard, also an IAMCP leader. The WIT Network is an organization that will continue and expand the amazing work that had been done at IAMCP, empowering women everywhere to pursue successful careers in IT. Corinne, Gail and Christine have dedicated years to IAMCP, and where we are today is very much due to their efforts, energy and leadership. Thank you and see you tomorrow as we keep aligning our common goals.

Thank you, as well, to Jacobo Senior, our Colombian IAMCP leader, Javier Abreu O’Neill, our former President, Jeff Goldstein, our IAMCP US President, and Ro Kolakowski, from whom I learned something new every day. We are fortunate that they all say, “I will be available in case you need me.”

And in fact, we need everyone—because 2019 will be demanding. We want to grow membership in the existing chapters. We want to expand to regions where we are not present. We want to impact the businesses of our members. Sometimes, we even want to impact our members and their leaders, expecting that impact to be positive for their businesses. A great example is the Diversity & Inclusion Committee that is led by Sarika Malhotra that will showcase the very best business practices this channel has to offer, in hopes that it will be inspirational to others to pursue the same values of respect for the difference and promotion of everyone’s participation.

Stay tuned and remember: this year we turn 25. A big party is on its way.


Sérgio Baptista
President, IAMCP International




President, IAMCP, Sergio Baptista, EMEA

Vice President, Prashanth Subramanian, APAC

Secretary, Sarika Malhotra, APAC

Treasurer, Tom Major, AMERICAS

Past President, Jon Sastre, AMERICAS

Board Members at Large

Neeraj Gargi, APAC

David Gersten, AMERICAS

John Zarei, AMERICAS

Bo Bauhn, EMEA

Andrea Pescino, EMEA

International Committee Chairs

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) – Sarika Malhotra  

Microsoft IAMCP Strategy Team (MIST) – Randy Steinle

Membership – Neeraj Gargi

Finance – Tom Major

Marketing – Prashanth Subramanian

Sponsorship – Jeffrey Goldstein

Inspire Chair – Debra Pfundstein 

EMEA Region

Dear IAMCP EMEA members!

First, I would like to thank the IAMCP EMEA representatives for electing me as President for IAMCP EMEA during 2019. I’m really honored and am truly looking forward to bringing EMEA to the next level together with you all!

I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Sérgio Baptista as our new and very much appreciated IAMCP International President! Good luck, Sérgio, and let us work closely together making 2019 the best year ever.

In December, the IAMCP EMEA board voted for the following positions:

Executive Roles
President: Bo Bauhn (Sweden) – EMEA representative at Intl board
Vice President: Olli Rikala (Finland)
Treasurer: Klaus Fander (Germany)
Secretary: Marga Van Laere (Belgium), pending approval at board meeting on Feb. 8th

Elena Baeva (UK)
Donal Cullen (Ireland)
Francois Faurre (France)
Harm Poelen (Netherlands)
Antonio Bibovski (Denmark)
Michiel Van Vliet (Spain)
Andrea Pescino (Italy) – EMEA representative at Intl board
Sérgio Baptista – EMEA representative at Intl board and International President

Appointed to MIST Committee: Michiel Van Vliet (Spain)
Appointed to Finance Committee: Klaus Fander (Germany, Treasurer)
Appointed to Sponsorship Committee: Andrea Pescino (Italy)
Appointed to Marketing Committee: Yolandi Booyens (South Africa)
Appointed to Diversity and Inclusion: TBD

I’m very proud of all board members and am thankful for all the effort each and every one is putting into the work for a successful Microsoft partner ecosystem. We still need to fulfil the very important Diversity & Inclusion committee. We are expanding all of our successful WIT (Women in Technology) activities throughout EMEA and are working hand-in-hand with Microsoft to follow their expanded focus with WIT and Diversity & Inclusion. Please feel free to recommend yourself or someone you trust to continue this focus area as EMEA chair. There are no obligations to be a board member for this position, so we welcome contributions from any member who wants to make a difference within this important area. We know from the last years’ success with WIT that we make a difference!

In EMEA we have a very exciting year ahead of us! For the first time ever, we are now forming a real Tier 2 organization, we have a new board with a lot of experience, we do have a great relationship with IAMCP International, and we are continuously developing our great relationship with Microsoft across Europe.

We are all living in times of change! If you have had the opportunity to listen to our tremendous Mr. Michiel Van Vliet in the webinar he and IAMCP hosted this Autumn, and maybe you have had the pleasure to read his book, “Refresh the Road Ahead,“ you understand what I mean. I’m sure you all have felt the change working with Microsoft, and we all have to understand what priorities are needed in order to be successful together with Microsoft. Here I’m totally sure IAMCP has a great opportunity to make a difference for our members, future members and for Microsoft throughout the EMEA region and beyond.

This year, we are planning an European IAMCP member meeting. I hope and believe this will be possible, as I do know it used to be very appreciated and it very much developed our organization in so many ways a few years ago. Exchange, cooperation and relationships thrive success for us all. More info will come your way within the next few weeks. You will also see more EMEA initiatives during 2019 such as webinars and focus groups like the already active Mixed Reality and HoloLens committee.

IAMCP EMEA is the largest IAMCP region, but during 2019 we still need to grow and expand! In this case, more is merrier and will engage Partner-to-Partner activities, knowledge sharing, increased customer satisfaction, development of Microsoft relationship and maybe most importantly – more Business!

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” This quote by Aristotle reflects our Association. This is why I encourage you all to be active and reach out to your local chapter and IAMCP EMEA with feedback, suggestions and information, so we can continue to develop our important Microsoft ecosystem.

Thank you all for your support and let’s make the best out of 2019, which also is the 25th anniversary for IAMCP!                                                                        

Let’s go 2019!

Bo Bauhn
President IAMCP EMEA
CEO Retune AB

Americas Region

Hello IAMCP-US Community,

Happy New Year! We recently held our IAMCP International Board of Directors meeting in the Netherlands with representatives from ASIA, Canada, EMEA, LATAM and the United States. The meetings were very productive and there are several new restructuring changes to be announced in January and July 2019.


During this meeting, held in Amsterdam on November 30th thru December 2nd, 2018, the IAMCP International Board of Directors voted to expand our focus on diversity and inclusion and rename our WIT special interest group to Diversity & Inclusion. We appointed a committee chairperson to work on the expanded mission and are looking for representatives in chapters across the IAMCP organization to represent diversity and inclusion. If you want to volunteer and serve on this committee or in your chapter, please contact

My chapter visits continue and most recently I made a surprise visit to Minnesota. The Minneapolis chapter, led by president Jerry Rasmussen, greeted me with a box of donuts and a room full of friendly IAMCP “Viking” members! We were able to share the IAMCP US 2018 goals and objectives with the team from Minneapolis, which included “best practices.”

As part of the IAMCP reorganization, both Canada and LATAM will join the US Board of Directors and the organizational structure has changed as depicted below on January 1, 2019:

On July 1, 2019, the organization will restructure again to form an “Americas” Tier 2 Organization under the International Organization and will be most likely depicted below:


I want to remind everyone that growing the IAMCP membership is our responsibility, so please help us promote our success stories on the IAMCP-US website. With our mission centered on delivering networking and business development value to the Microsoft partner ecosystem, we are aggressively growing our US community of more than 800 members, as we extend the value of the IAMCP to new members throughout the U.S.

We are excited to announce our partnership with CompTIA and want to welcome them to our family. Our friends at CompTIA have provided us with a very generous incentive to join their organization. Contact for more information.

In addition, we are holding IAMCP-US Board Town Hall meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at 11:30 am Eastern time. These are open to all US board & chapter board members and are unstructured conversations that promote best practice sharing and encourage problem solving. Please join and bring your ideas! Last month we announced our new Virtual Chapter, which is being led by Laura Peters and is designed to support IAMCP members that are not located near a current IAMCP chapter.

Please make sure everyone registers for our new partner directory, the “Index.” Every IAMCP-US member gets a FREE listing in the directory!


In conclusion, I am extremely excited about the progress that we have made in the first year of my position. We are progressing very well to make the IAMCP the best Microsoft Partner Organization on the planet!


Jeffrey Goldstein
Americas President, IAMCP


2019 AMERICAS Board

President – Jeff Goldstein
Vice President – David Gersten
Secretary – Deb Pfundstein
Treasurer – Tom Major
Past President – Randy Steinle

Board Members at Large
Javier Abreu, representing LATAM
John Zarei, representing Canada

APAC Region

The year-end period saw IAMCP APAC shift into high gear with multiple activities.

1. All India webinar on “Partner Center Walk-through” on 27th November 2018
Microsoft has consolidated its multiple Partner Web Properties into the All New Microsoft Partner Center. To help the India Partners get a heads-up, IAMCP India organized a webinar which was presented by the Senior Partner Center Manager from Microsoft, Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh. Along with the walk-through, Vinay also introduced the new Partner Center Mobile App and explained how it can help Partners be on top of their business.

2. “Sail the Microsoft Cloud” event in Pune on 6th December 2018
IAMCP West, Pune Chapter, held an event focusing specifically on the Small & Medium Business on the 6th of December 2018.

The meeting was targeted at Partners that work in the SMB space, and it was great to see that a large number of partners, both IAMCP members and non-members, took advantage of this opportunity. Attendees were able to meet and interact with the Pune and Mumbai Microsoft SMB teams and understand how to align with Microsoft and grow their business. Networking was one of the highlights over lunch with other SMB and corporate/enterprise partners.

The keynote speaker for this event was Prasenjit Deb, Regional Lead – SMB West.

Small, Medium and Corporate Business. Prasenjit addressed the partner community regarding Microsoft’s Go-To-Market strategy for SMB customers. The overall objective, which he met very successfully, was to educate IAMCP members and other partners on how they can align their business with Microsoft’s SMB roadmap and directions.

Rakesh Panda from the Pune SMB team also addressed the community in depth and helped clarify a lot of nuances of growing their SMB business.

3. “Microsoft Go to Market” workshop in Delhi on 6th December 2018
This event is covered here

Suresh Ramani
APAC President, IAMCP


2019 APAC Board

President - Suresh Ramani
Vice President - Chetan Shah
Secretary – Munesh Jadoun
Treasurer - Nazmeen Ansari

Board Members at Large
Neeraj Gargi
Prashanth Subramanian
Sarika Malhotra
Rahul Meher

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee

Wish you all a Wonderful 2019!

It is so exciting to be reaching out to you in my new role as the chair for IAMCP’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) mission. I come from India, a land that abounds with cultural, religious and linguistic plurality. I have grown up believing in inclusion and heterogeneity. D&I is hence a mission very close to my heart, both personally as well as professionally. My role will be to help define strategy to broadcast the overall goal of accepting, understanding and valuing the differences in the workforce regarding race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability and sexual orientation; as also differences in education, personality, skill set, experiences, backgrounds.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, truly set the tone for the D&I mission with his objective — to “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” The keyword is ‘every person,’ since that is inherently inclusive.

IAMCP’s D&I mission strives to lead the way by reflecting diversity and inclusion in its own leadership teams internationally, at the country level and in local chapters. It will leverage Microsoft’s knowledge base and trainings and make these available to enable member organizations to reflect Diversity & Inclusion in their workplaces.

I encourage you to share with us any stories within your organization or communities of individuals who have overcome constraints or adversity that were imposed on them simply because they were ‘different,” and how they overcame these. These will help us broadcast the message across the community.

As we put our local and global teams in place, we are calling out for volunteers who are keen to make a difference in their organizations, local chapter, country or internationally. Please contact

Thank you and looking forward to working closely with all of you!

Sarika Malhotra
D&I Chair, IAMCP International  


MIST Committee

The newly formed MIST Committee (Microsoft IAMCP Strategy Team) is a team of representatives from around the world who will manage the partnership, communications and joint initiatives between IAMCP and Microsoft. The current team members include:

  • Neeraj Gargi – IAMCP India representing the APAC Region
  • Michiel van Viet – IAMCP Spain representing the EMEA Region
  • John Zarei – IAMCP Canada representing the Americas Region
  • Randy Steinle – IAMCP-US, Chairperson

The MIST Committee will act as a liaison between IAMCP and Microsoft. MIST will be publishing monthly communications to inform Microsoft employees about who IAMCP is, what IAMCP is doing around the world, how IAMCP is collaborating with Microsoft and what we are accomplishing together. Likewise, MIST will share Microsoft news, strategic initiatives, goals and wins with the global IAMCP community.

We are honored to represent IAMCP and look forward to an amazing 2019!

Randy Steinle
MIST Chair, IAMCP International

Update on the December 1 & 2 Board Meeting


IAMCP streamlines our structure
At the December IAMCP International Board of Directors meeting held in Amsterdam, the board voted to integrate our worldwide organization for closer working relationships between regions and a broader perspective on our worldwide membership.

What does this mean to you?
In some ways, you won’t feel a change; your chapter will be your go-to for local interaction. But your regional interaction will increase, and your worldwide perspective will be enhanced.

  • Quarterly worldwide newsletter – to keep you abreast of the organization
  • Periodic Town Hall online meetings – to give you a stronger voice into the IAMCP
  • More efficient board functioning, as our board composition streamlined to 3 reps per Tier 2. A smaller board allows better exchange of ideas and swifter decision making. Your voice to the board flows from your chapter, to your region, to the board. We are a member-driven organization.

Report on International Board Meeting
From November 30 to December 2, 2018, representatives of the International Board of Directors gathered in Amsterdam to discuss and decide on strategies impacting the IAMCP. The meetings were held over the weekend to minimize the impact of board members’ travel and work schedules. Some attended via online. While it can “look like fun and games” from the outside, board discussions dominated the time with intense work sessions to accomplish key initiatives. The bi-annual face-to-face interaction is beneficial to create a stronger working relationship with board members from around the world.

Local Partners Presented to the Board
Plantronics kicked off the weekend with a tour of their European headquarters in Amsterdam. Many Microsoft partners have a relationship with this international corporation focused on “Smarter Working.” The recent acquisition/merger of Polycom expanded their product and service offerings. The office in the Netherlands is a living lab for working smarter, created around the concept of “beautifully human,” as every feature of the building responds to their employee needs. All workspaces allow employees to collaborate, communicate effectively with clients, take a break to gather their thoughts or focus on the task at hand without being distracted.


We were “wowed “by their living plant walls, sound-cancelling waterfalls, and beautiful, functional workspaces. We realized that Plantronics offers much more than great headsets. We encourage you to check out how Plantronics puts the principles of Smarter Working into practice every day.

SaasPlaza continued the partnering with IAMCP by inviting us to use their conference room for Saturday’s board meeting. Other than a surprise visit from Santa Claus, the meeting ran from 9:00 to 5:30. SaasPlaza president, BJ van Maanen, shared the company’s product overview and strategies for continued phenomenal growth. SaasPlaza focuses on Microsoft and Azure, hosting and managed services: Dynamics and Azure Cloud infrastructure for worldwide companies.


Veeam® was the third local company to partner with our board. Again, Veeam® is actively engaged with multiple IAMCP members and looks to form a closer relationship with partners worldwide.


Veeam® is considered a leader in Availability across multi-cloud environments and is uniquely positioned to help customers along their journey to Intelligent Data Management. Their approach merges the traditional disciplines of data backup and recovery, data protection and data security. Moving from policy-based to behavior-based management to make data both intelligent, and ultimately, self-governing.

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