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“Our membership in the IAMCP has shown us how to navigate the Microsoft ecosystem, taught us how to work with other partners, and really increased our relationship with Microsoft. When we first started, we were just a registered partner. Coming to IAMCP meetings gave us the ability to meet face-to-face with Microsoft executives, and they told us what they needed from us as partners through this person-to-person interaction. We were able to fine-tune our efforts to help them meet their objectives, and they were in turn able to help us meet our objectives. Right now we are in many of Microsoft’s Champions clubs, such as the Cloud Champions Club for Office 365, and none of this would have happened without the increased engagement with Microsoft we realized through IAMCP. 

— Ro Kolakowski, CEO 6th Street Consulting and Past President, IAMCP US


“When we first joined the IAMCP, we were relatively new to the Microsoft channel. The organization enabled us to develop knowledge about Microsoft, the channel and the Microsoft community. Our involvement made us visible on the Microsoft radar and increased our organization’s drive to perform better. It also opened up a whole new business opportunity for us, one that has resulted in multiple million-dollar deals. The partner alliances we have made through IAMCP have enabled us to become a one stop shop for clients. Through our P2P alliances, we have become a solutions provider rather than a product provider. This has greatly increased our volume of new business and the profits attached to each deal.” 

— David Gersten, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Bond Consulting Services, West Region Chair and US Secretary, IAMCP US


“In Southern California, I am responsible for managing 2000 partners. However, when partners interact with other partners, they can rely on each other—and this happens through the IAMCP. In addition, the IAMCP allows me to get messages out to multiple members at a time. Overall, IAMCP serves as a great tool to help Microsoft retain personal engagement and simultaneously scale. Through the IAMCP, I am able to help as many partners as possible with strategy, sales, marketing and technical enablement. I can pinpoint what products are really going to help them grow their business, I can teach partners how to sell and market these products and work with them from a technical standpoint.”  

— Justin Slagle, Partner Sales Executive, Southern California Region, Microsoft 

Do You Want To:

  • Connect with a trustworthy, high performing network of colleagues,
  • Learn how to best navigate the Microsoft ecosystem, most successfully incorporate their offerings into your business plan, easily access their tried and true best practices, and
  • Grow your current business exponentially, while expanding into new revenue-generating areas?

Then you want to belong to the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP). 



Who Are We?


Formed in 1994, the IAMCP serves as the preeminent global networking venue for Microsoft Partners. The IAMCP mission is to maximize the business potential of members through peer-to-peer interaction, member advocacy, community outreach, growth and education—while enhancing members’ ties to Microsoft.


Currently, IAMCP has 38 chapters in the US and over 100 chapters globally. 



Why Get Involved?


Direct input and support from Microsoft Channel managers on strategy, sales, marketing and technical enablement

  • Unique live educational opportunities
  • Big partner advantages for partners of all sizes
  • Ready access to best practices, expert collaboration and peer advice
  • Impactful charitable programs that build local communities
  • Support navigating the Microsoft ecosystem and understanding opportunities
  • P2P (partner-to-partner) referral opportunities
  • P2P alliance opportunities to expand business and increase revenue
  • Strong, long-lasting, reciprocal business relationships built on trust and mutual respect



How Do We Work?


IAMCP gives members tools to network, learn and expand. With proactive engagement, members enjoy growth beyond their expectations—as individuals, as partners, as networks, as communities and as businesses.


Chapters typically gather once per month for regular meetings, which include educational presentations, organizational updates and briefings from Microsoft—as well as opportunities to interact with partner peers. Chapters may join together for additional events—such as charitable endeavors—and for Microsoft’s annual Inspire Conference.  


How Fast Does It Happen? 


With regular attendance and a commitment to learning and volunteerism, most IAMCP members report realizing

benefits to their business in as little as six months’ time.



How Do I Know if IAMCP is Right for Me?


IAMCP is specifically geared toward technology professionals, no matter the position or department. Whether you are an owner, executive, sales professional, marketing director or technical lead, IAMCP provides a venue for you and your peers to grow your business and your career.

To discuss your particular needs and to ask additional questions prior to joining us, please contact info@iamcp.org.


For membership and pricing, please click here.



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