IAMCP US April 2015 Newsletter
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Jon Sastre, IAMCP President, along with Rudy Rodriguez, Marc Hoppers and Melanie Gass, visited China as a guest of Microsoft China Ltd. and Mme Li Xiao Lin, the president of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), for the Golden Key Project Workshop in China between March 24 to April 3.

As  China's biggest and oldest organization engaged in people-to-people diplomacy, they've initiated this brand new project with the purpose of promoting better communication, cooperation and friendship between the Chinese and the people of the world. Our group, from the United States, has become the first group for this workshop.

We’ll be excited to hear more details of this trip.





by Marc Hoppers, Advocacy Chair

Thanks to Jonathan Friebert from VFI for this report.

 If you are interested in learning more about being a part of our Advocacy program contact me at Marc.Hoppers@rcggs.com.

VFI had a terrific trip to Austin.  Partnering with the MSPAC and the Irving Chamber of Commerce, VFI had 12 Microsoft partners take part in a series of meetings with both elected officials and staff members.  We had VFI members from Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin attend and is our largest group of VFI ever on a state capital visit.



The trip was a combination of “speed dating” where our partners sat in on the Irving Chamber meetings where elected officials stopped by to address the group.  We facilitated meetings with elected official offices from the both the Austin and Houston areas for the VFI participants.  

Below is a summary of the VFI meetings with Austin and Houston offices.  

Austin Meetings

Senator Kirk Watson’s Office
Sarah Howard – Chief of Staff.  We spent 25 minutes discussing issues ranging from student privacy, STEM, computer science in schools, technology certification programs as well as explaining the Microsoft partner ecosystem and how partners fit into it.  She was very interested in learning more about IT Academy and asked that we follow up with their office if student privacy legislation gets introduced.  Senator Watson was also invited to attend and present at an Austin International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) meeting after session. 
Representative Eddie Rodriguez’s Office
Laura Stromberg Hoke – Chief of Staff.  We spent 35 minutes with Laura.  She was very familiar with technology and the Microsoft partner ecosystem. She had once worked in a  Microsoft calling center for customers. We talked with her about technology training programs and certifications for both students and returning military vets. Rep. Rodriguez is interested in workforce development issues and technology education is squarely in his strategy for addressing this area. We mentioned computer science education in schools as well as IT Academy. In addition, Laura would like to see the student privacy legislation when it moves forward. Finally, she suggested our San Antonio partners visit with Representative Farias. He is a veteran, and loves to talk about helping vets. i.e. technology education.

Representative Paul D. Workman’s Office
Blake Rogers – Constituent Services Manager.  VFI member Lacy Jemmott reported that they covered STEM, student privacy and technology certifications for students and military vets. She also reported that “Workman LOVES Border security” so they talked about how border issues go beyond immigration and should include cyber security concerns. There may be some interest in follow up here with his office.  

Representative Donna Howard’s Office
Francoise Van Keuren – Policy Intern.  Lacy reported to me that the meeting lasted 45 minutes. Francoise is covering technology issues for Representative Howard so the conversation focused on the issues covered above. Francoise has already reached out by e-mail on technology talent development.

Houston Meetings

Representative Jack Murphy’s Office
Katherine Diaz—Legislative Assistant.  We met with Katherine for 20 minutes. Katherine has taken college level IT courses so understood the technology sector and reported she will likely cover those issues in the office. She was interested in learning about the partner ecosystem and particularly about what the companies are doing. She would like to be informed if student privacy legislation is introduced. She also mentioned his work around government transparency and how technology is an important enabler so that taxpayers can keep an eye on what is going on with their money. 

Senator Rodney Ellis
David Edmonson—Deputy Chief of Staff.  We met with David for 25 minutes and had a photo op with Senator Ellis. One of our VFI members from Houston, Darrizett Moore, is Senator Ellis’ former sister-in-law and his oldest daughter’s aunt. David is very interested in technology opportunities for young people. He has a daughter in kindergarten and mentioned that she participated in the “Hour of Code.” He found that to be an exciting way to teach children about technology. We talked about computer science education and he was aware that Texas passed legislation counting it as a foreign-language credit for high school graduation last year. He is interested in seeing the student privacy legislation as well and completely understands the need for it.   


Senator Rodney Ellis and our 2 Houston based VFI members on the trip

Jonathan Friebert
Phone: 425-704-7120
Voices for Innovation


Interested in starting a WIT chapter in your area? Please contact Jennifer Didier or visit WIT.


Central Region

by Rudy Rodriguez

The Central Region is undergoing a regional reboot and held its first regional leadership meeting in January. The regional management methodology was discussed, and a schedule of reviews and activities is now underway to reorganize, reinvigorate and restore membership value throughout the region.

We have scheduled a member recruitment event for Cisco Systems in April and currently are working on a similar event in the Detroit area for May. Our chapters are busy working on their fundraising events and soon will publish a list of key events for the region.

We are excited about working the SMB Nation Office 365 Tour in Dallas on April 20th where we will have a team of volunteers working the booth and promoting IAMCP. We had a Day at the Texas State Capital scheduled with VFI on February 25-26 with a team of IAMCP representatives visiting with state officials to discuss the impact of current bills before the state legislature which affect our respective businesses.

Next month we will have reports from activities at all of our chapters and will begin the publication of the Central Region Newsletter to provide our members with even more information about activities in the region. This month, a shout out goes to Lacy Jemmott, Austin Chapter President, for her report on the hosting of the first IAMCP Women in Technology in the region.


January 21st was the inaugural meeting of the IAMCP-Austin Women in Technology special interest group. The event was hosted by IAMCP-Austin, with special support from Microsoft, The Microsoft Store and Microsoft Community Connections. Laura Bosworth-Bucher, CEO of TeVido BioDevices, spoke to an audience of 25 IAMCP members and future members.


Our goal at IAMCP is to Connect, Learn, and Grow. The first thirty minutes of the meeting were spent networking, meeting new guests and reconnecting with old friends. It's always great to catch up with people you haven't seen in a while. As we all know, business starts with good relationship building. IAMCP strives to be the hub for those relationships and an asset to each member.

We were proud to have Laura Bosworth as our inaugural speaker. We wanted someone that had a technology background and was using that base of knowledge for something exciting and inspirational, something that we could all learn from. Laura fits the bill in every way. She comes from a high-tech background that spans 25 years and includes being a Fortune 50 executive for companies such as IBM & Dell. She also has spent much of her time mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their own high-growth companies.

Currently, Laura is the CEO of TeVido BioDevices. She and TeVido are working on cutting-edge 3D bio-printing. They are able to take a woman's own living cells to build custom grafts for breast cancer reconstruction. Think about that for a second. They can take your own skin and fat cells, put them into a "living ink," and 3D print you a new piece of skin (in this case, a nipple areola complex, NAC) to help with breast cancer reconstruction. The tissue they print for you will not be rejected by your body, because it is from your body. Can we all just say it together, "Technology is cool!"

To say the audience was impressed is an understatement. There were many questions asked from the audience - some were technical, some were personal. Several women in the audience had survived breast cancer, and were inspired by the possibility of feeling "whole" again using TeVido's technology. Several men in the audience commented on how breast cancer had affected their wives, mothers, sisters and friends. They all agreed that this technology is amazing. It also lays the foundation for other advancements in the healing of burns, critical wound care and plastic surgery. Think of the possibilities! In the not-too-distant future, we will be able to use our own cells to 3D bio-print more complex organs, like a liver! To learn more about TeVido and this amazing technology, check them out at www.reconstructhope.com 

Growth comes in many forms. Our WIT meeting brought up topics that we may not have had in a standard IAMCP meeting. We were able to network with new people, share a meal together, learn, and laugh. Yes, we laugh a lot! We are building strategic relationships, partnering with each other, and finding new opportunities to get excited about.

Thank You
A big round of applause to our friends and co-sponsors at Microsoft! As always, Curt Witt, Partner Channel Development Manager at Microsoft, gets a big thank you for supporting us with Microsoft Community Connections. We would also like to thank the Microsoft Store and their awesome team. Deidre Honea and Durel Bernard are always ready to work with the IAMCP. And, last but not least, our amazing team at IAMCP-Austin! Because, "Everything is awesome when you work as a team!" (ahem… thank you Lego movie!)

East Region


by Debra Pfundstein


The February IAMCP Tampa meeting was a great success. The night had two speakers - Tim Walton, Partner Technology Strategist for Microsoft and Brian Salle with Reviora. 
Tim led a great session about what he is seeing in the market, and a lot of great information around the cloud first, mobile first strategy.
And Brian completed the conversations from a Cloud Partner perspective. 
There was also a good amount of time spent on networking and discussing the future of the chapter. 
“I thoroughly enjoy the conversations with the connections I have made, and continue to make, at each Tampa Chapter meeting. I look forward to the continued growth of our Chapter” said Steve Mordue, CEO, Forceworks, a 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year winner.  
The March event, was a social Mixer at the Courtside Grill in Clearwater. 

Washington DC  

The DC Chapter kicked off the New Year with our annual holiday party on January 21st at the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center.  During the event, we welcomed our 2015 board: 

  • President – Nigel Knowles
  • Vice President – Monica Cummings
  • Secretary –Diana Smith
  • Treasurer – Jason Tierney
  • Membership Chair – Erika Kennedy
  • Advocacy and US Board Representative– Ryan Risley
  • Philanthropy – Nikkia T. Carter
  • Community – Frank Valdivieso
  • Communications - AJ Shortlidge
  • Sponsorships - Sam Cool
  • Events –Steve Hammett



President, Nigel Knowles, and Vice President, Monica Cummings






Additionally, we were able to fundraise for America’s Adopt-a-soldier program. We’d like to thank our sponsors that helped make the event possible: Lenovo, NetCom Learning, and Robert Half.  February’s meeting included a discussion with Barb Levisay. 

We look forward to great 2015 and all the exciting events coming up. 

West Region

by David Gersten

San Diego, California


Congratulations to Jason Brooks for becoming the new president of the San Diego chapter. And kudos to our outgoing president, Mark Abes. One accomplishment from last year was our Partnering for Success program. San Diego set a 2014 goal of $1,000,000 worth of passed leads. They ended up with more than $1,800,000 in passed leads with $425,000 worth closed in 2014!

Denver, Colorado

IAMCP of Colorado is starting out strong in 2015. They have already lined up a number of promising speakers and events for Q1 and Q2. Most notably, they have planned a joint event with the Unified Communication user group focused on Skype for Business. They also are planning “Digital Workplace” and a special event hosting a speaker from Forrester Research to discuss IT trends for the year. Additionally, Women in Technology, Golf League, Microsoft Community Connections and other chapter activities will flourish. It will be another great year of growth and value-add for the Colorado chapter!

Portland, Oregon

The Portland chapter is moving forward and are working with Microsoft Execs to select the speaker for their “Technology Day” event scheduled for later this year. They are developing a speaker schedule for future meetings with 8 meetings on business topics and 4 meetings of round table discussion. Social events will be scheduled at the Microsoft store or other facilities.

The January meeting hosted Jerry Fletcher to speak about business metrics, referrals and driving customers from prospects to orders. Jerry Fletcher, a Marketing Rainmaker, is an international professional speaker known for his expertise in business development, networking and contact relationship management. He raised a half million dollars for a start–up client in just 17 days, added 1.2 million dollars to the first quarter income of a consulting firm with a single suggestion, and stopped counting successful new products and services introductions at 207.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah Chapter has been busy setting goals for 2015. They will hold meetings at 8:00 AM every 3rd Thursday of month, with the exception of July and December with no formal chapter meetings. They are trimming the meeting time from 2 hours down to 60-90 minutes, as needed. 

They provide value to Utah IAMCP members by inviting keynote speakers to present on relevant topics such as Microsoft technologies, Microsoft Learning & Certification, Microsoft Programs & Incentives, Partner Certification, Utah Economic Development, Technology and Business Trends, Corporate Issues, Technology Recruitment, Local Community Issues/Engagement/Support and more.

They are also focused on enhancing member engagement through participatory events scheduled throughout the year including a golf/ski networking meeting 4/16/2015, breakfast networking meeting 6/18/2015 and golf networking meeting 9/17/2015.

SoCal, California

After completing an incredibly strong year of growth and successes, the IAMCP SoCal chapter planned 2015. They aligned their goals with Connect – Learn – Grow. Delivery of more educational topics, while growing their membership and promoting Partnering for Success!



We are delighted to announce the launch of the IAMCP Member Awards 2015.  Entries are open to all fully paid-up members of the association. This year, IAMCP is launching a brand new awards program for its members.  The awards program gives the IAMCP a chance to acknowledge and reward its members for the outstanding, innovative and creative products and services that they provide.  Members who choose to participate in the process have an opportunity to be recognized and have their profile elevated at both local and corporate level in Microsoft. In addition, winners will benefit from increased press and social media exposure. Winners who choose to attend WPC 2015 will receive their awards at a special ceremony to be held during the week of WPC, which this year is taking place in Orlando, FL, July 12-16.

The Award Categories this year are as follows:


  • IAMCP Cloud Partner 2015 - [REGION]
  • IAMCP Apps Development Partner 2015 - [REGION]
  • IAMCP Innovation Partner 2015 - [REGION]
  • IAMCP Sales Excellence Partner 2015  - [REGION]
  • IAMCP P2P Partner 2015  - [REGION]
  • IAMCP Community Partner 2015  - [REGION]

For more details on each of the award entries, including a more detailed description of the awards process and notes for potential entrants, please refer to the document IAMCP Awards Program 2015 – Description and Timing document which can be downloaded here.

A second document IAMCP Awards Program 2015 – Rules of Entry can be downloaded here.

Each of the listed awards will be judged and awarded to IAMCP members in each of the following regions:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • EMEA
  • plus ONE overall Award ... IAMCP Worldwide Partner 2015

To start the awards submission process, please use this URL:- http://bit.ly/IAMCPAwards2015. Please ensure you have read the accompanying documentation detailed above before submitting. If you have further queries, please direct your questions to info@iamcp.org. Entries will close on May 7th 2015.  Winners and finalists will be notified no later than by 7th June 2015.



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Certification Vouchers are 1 per individual, utilize 2nd Shot Certification Offer. All vouchers are distributed on a first come, first serve basis, while supplies last. Get yours today!


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