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The IAMCP Grows Again

Friday, September 25, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Pavan Jangid
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With new chapters in Australia / New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Mexico – and more to follow

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The IAMCP Membership Team is pleased to announce that new chapters are coming to our IAMCP Family.

Ulises Aguilar Nahle, IAMCP Membership lead and long-time member and advocate of the IAMCP, has been working closely with different regions and countries across the globe to lay the foundation for the FY21 membership plan.

Said Ulises, “Our objective is to gain more traction in some countries, bringing new members and more opportunities to our ecosystem so that more companies can benefit from the power of partnership.”


And the hard work is paying off

The graphic above shows how the Membership Team’s efforts are reaching some of the furthest corners of the world – and making a huge impact in LATAM.

The 3-phase Membership Project 2020-21 illustrates the welcoming of three new member countries: Australia / New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. It then shows the engagement with members through local Microsoft offices in LATAM and how Microsoft is introducing the IAMCP to a host of other countries in the region to help engage and educate them on the benefits of IAMCP membership.

“Thus far, we have been trying to get closer to Microsoft local subsidiaries to align plans and programs to work together on the FY21 Goals in our Microsoft partner ecosystem. With these activities, we obtain better engagement with the Microsoft team. We use the formula: IAMCP + MICROSOFT = BETTER TOGETHER to gain success for all. Part of this engagement is our participation as sponsors, speakers and attendees at Microsoft local/regional events to show the power of IAMCP within the broader partner audience and attract them to the Association.

Internally we are meeting with membership leaders to better understand the challenges, concerns, goals and new ideas they have to continue growing with better value.” – Ulises Aguilar Nahle

One such initiative was the recent Microsoft Virtual Partner Connection for LATAM, a 7-day event that featured over 70 speakers, delivered content in three languages – and welcomed approximately 6,000 delegates. Through promotion by Microsoft, the IAMCP had the opportunity to attract new members.


What our new IAMCP members are saying

“Since my introduction in Las Vegas to IAMCP at Microsoft Inspire 2019, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the willingness of the IAMCP global community to connect, engage and support fellow and prospective members individually and collectively. In Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) we’re looking forward to building a vibrant chapter of IAMCP and providing Microsoft Partners in the region the opportunity to tap into this community, as well as build stronger relationships with Microsoft and other key vendors and partners. We also look forward to delivering better regional networking opportunities and education outcomes for the industry.” - Guy Rowson, IAMCP Australia / New Zealand President


“Thanks for your help and support in developing Mexico´s Chapter again. I have worked before in different associations with different goals. Still, I have never seen the commitment and willingness to create a network to push new business between the associates that IAMCP has. We will work on making Mexico´s chapter an important contributor to the global IAMCP community.” - Eduardo Cerda, IAMCP Mexico President

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