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The P2P Journey Experience: Midpoint Check-in with SELA Canada

Tuesday, April 26, 2016  
Posted by: Jon Rivers
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March 2016

SELA Canada started the Partner to Partner (P2P) Journey to take the company down a new path—one that would see it transformed to full-fledged ISV for the launch of “Bubbles”, a social media smart agent. This new path also calls for a new partner channel, one with competency in Microsoft Digital Advertising as this would be best suited to Bubbles. The organization is looking to use the 10 business functions and four levels of IAMCP’s P2P Maturity Model to generate discussion and leverage best practices to build the new channel and ensure a successful launch of Bubbles.  

Like every good story, the midpoint is where the central character is presented with new information on which to make a decision about his or her next steps. That is where we find Eran Barlev, CEO of SELA Canada, as we check-in on his journey. At this point, Eran has completed the P2P Assessment which has generated relevant items for discussion. He is now considering what he has learned so far. According to Eran, “It was a lot of good information to take in. My biggest takeaway from the assessment and discussions we’ve had so far is the generation of the task list for developing a new partnership channel. The P2P efforts have helped me close the gaps between my readiness today and where I want to be to when I start engaging in partnership discussions. Using the framework, I have the roadmap of what needs to happen when.”

SELA’s Roadmap to Channel Development

The Subscription Impact

Academically, Eran knew that the subscription model nature of the new Bubbles offering would be different than SELA Canada’s current service provider and learning partner business model. With the help of the P2P Journey, he is seeing how much impact the change really has on his current operations. The good news is that he is even more laser-focused on the plan and what the next steps need to be to accurately determine cost and pricing of the offering.

Follow the Money

The importance of a well thought out sales compensation plan for partners is one of the lessons that Eran has taken away from the P2P Journey so far. “I knew it was important to consider how partners can monetize Bubbles, but I had it farther down my priority list— now I’ve bumped it to the top.”, said Eran. In addition, he is being very thoughtful to ensure there is clear differentiation between the existing B2C offer and the offer that needs to be in place to support a B2B model. Eran explains, “My research is telling me that I can make partners successful with a well thought out B2B model that enables partners to deliver a unique service to their customers while being profitable.”

Trust Building is Challenging—Mitigate the Risks

Developing a deep level of trust with partners is one of the most often cited challenges. It is like jumping out of a plane. Until you do it, you do not really know if your partner, the parachute, is going to work. The best you can do is mitigate risk through advanced preparation. SELA

Canada’s risk mitigation plan is to launch the first channel partner by working with a company that it currently knows and is well respected in the IAMCP Community. “I’ve worked with Digital Storytelling experts Mercer-MacKay Solutions in other capacities and we have a good sense of each other’s strengths and capabilities. Because we already have a level of trust, Mercer-MacKay has agreed to be our first reseller of Bubbles and to give us the necessary feedback that will help us to build out our channel program. In return, we are able to support Mercer-MacKay in delivering additional value to its customers”, explained Eran. 

Next Stop

In the next post, we will check back with Eran to see how his plan to develop a new channel and launch Bubbles is progressing. As we move to the conclusion of SELA Canada’s P2P journey, we will see what Eran thinks of the P2P Journey Assessment report and what has been recommended in the way of opportunities and next steps for SELA. Be sure to check back and see how the Journey concludes for Eran and SELA.

About SELA Canada:  SELA Canada, a subsidiary of SELA Group, is a global leader in delivering top level training, consulting and software development to Fortune 1000 and government clients including Microsoft, RIM, SAP, Motorola, HP, Bell, ECI, Manulife and IBM among others. Bubbles is a social media automation tool that goes above and beyond its competition to optimize content and create genuine conversations with target audiences.

About the P2P Journey Experience

IAMCP and Microsoft are working with 3 partners to help them apply the P2P model to their business and assess their P2P opportunities. The experience of those organizations is being shared through a series of blog postings highlighting the beginning, middle, and end points of the P2P journey.


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