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Beginning with Bubbles: SELA Canada Starts the P2P Journey

Sunday, April 3, 2016  
Posted by: Jon Rivers
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Beginning with Bubbles: SELA Canada Starts the P2P Journey

SELA Canada is currently most known for its expertise as a service provider and learning partner with a Microsoft Gold competency in Application Development. Eran Barlev, SELA Canada’s Country Manager, however, is striking out in a new direction—as an ISV. The company’s new offering, called “Bubbles“, has SELA Canada looking at a completely different way to go to market. The company knows it needs different kinds of partnerships if this new initiative and direction is to prove successful.

SELA Canada Meets the P2P Maturity Model

While sitting through the first P2P Maturity Model Pilot Workshop held in Toronto, Eran admits, “I was a little depressed”. Explaining in more detail, Eran says that his first encounter with the maturity model highlighted that SELA was not at a dynamic maturity stage in as many of the important partnership business functions as he originally thought.

Always ready to see the upside though, Eran went on to point to the framework approach of the maturity model as an excellent way to gain clarity on areas needing focus in order for SELA to be successful as an ISV. As he put it, “The good news is, I see what is required to launch Bubbles and what it will take to form a new partner channel that is completely different from the one that works for our current business.” Another insight that came to Eran at this first introduction to the P2P Maturity Model was that it requires an adjustment to how he thinks about competitors. Eran explained, “I come from an environment where it is unheard of for competitors to work together. P2P has me now thinking of competitors differently—as potential partners”.

Shifting to Services and Product

Bubbles is an Azure-based solution that sparks new conversations in social media and generates leads. In other words, it is a personal social media “smart agent” that helps with finding audiences and keeping them engaged.

After a few years in the development process, SELA is preparing to take Bubbles to market. It knows that success is not going to come in the form of trying to force a new product into an existing channel. The partners that would best fit this new product are marketing companies and advertising agencies that have the Microsoft Digital Marketing competency. SELA has limited relationships with these types of partners today and therefore wants to start by gaining a better understanding of their needs.

When asked what he hopes to get out of the P2P Journey, Eran does not hesitate to respond, “I want to be fully prepared to have strong partnership discussions with these companies that are new to me. Selling a product means completely different selling and marketing approaches, pricing models, and processes. SELA has lots of experiences selling services, but being an ISV requires a whole new business plan. I want to maximize conversations with potential partners and be ready to talk about how we will win together. Being super-prepared is important to me and to the partners with whom SELA wants to work.”

Bubbles is both a B2C and B2B offering. Eran noted the importance of making that point clear in the partner business discussions to come, especially when those discussions turn to formalizing pricing and selling models.

Next Stop

The plan for SELA is to build digital marketing partnerships in Canada and then expand to the United States. The immediate next step for SELA is to conduct a full P2P Assessment from the perspective of this new ISV business. The results of that assessment will help Eran and SELA to determine where to focus resources and attention.

Be sure to check out the next blog post to find out what Eran discovered through the P2P Assessment exercise and how that will help guide SELA towards a successful launch of Bubbles and ultimately set the company up for future growth as a valued ISV and partner.

About SELA Canada:  SELA Canada, a subsidiary of SELA Group, is a global leader in delivering top level training, consulting and software development to Fortune 1000 and government clients including Microsoft, RIM, SAP, Motorola, HP, Bell, ECI, Manulife and IBM among others. Bubbles is a social media automation tool that goes above and beyond its competition to optimize content and create genuine conversations with target audiences.

About the P2P Journey Experience:  IAMCP and Microsoft are working with 3 partners to help them apply the P2P model to their business and assess their P2P opportunities. The experience of those organizations will be shared through a series of blog postings highlighting the beginning, middle, and end points of the P2P journey.



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