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IWD celebrations worldwide: Canada, Sweden, Germany, India

Posted By Administration, Friday, March 27, 2020

Events and conferences around the globe, attended by the members of IAMCP and The WIT Network


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“If we want to build a company that we can look back and be proud of, we have to be bold about our gender equality goals.” Said Paul Cosgrave of New Signature at the International Women’s day conference in Toronto, held on March 5th and organized by The WIT Network.


International Women’s Day, traditionally celebrated on March 8th, had many events and conferences around the globe attended by the members of IAMCP and The WIT Network. Let us take you on a journey across three continents: from Toronto, North America, across European cities of Oslo and Munich, to Asia and Coimbatore in India.




With over 400 attendees, 23 speakers, and an agenda packed with empowering and inspiring messages, The WIT Network’s International Women’s Day conference in Toronto was an event you didn’t want to miss. However, many that wanted to come had to miss the in-person event, because the tickets were sold out already a few weeks before the conference. Luckily, everything was live streamed – thanks to the sponsorship of a Digital Storytelling agency Mercer-MacKay Solutions – so, in reality, much more women and men were able to soak up the sessions of the fantastic keynote speaker line-up.


A person standing in front of a television Description automatically generatedTwo “cornerstones” of The WIT Network: Christine Bongard and Corinne Sharp kicked off the event. Energetic and inspiring figures such as Barbara Hardy from the US, whose work focuses on leadership, diversity, and inclusion, or Kate Wood from UK, who is passionate about engaging employees, both lit the audience. Sarah Haggard of Tribute presented a fascinating app for mentoring – a crucial discipline in generating new leaders, while Nicole Mumford, a CEO of AirGate and a mother of an autistic boy, spoke about neurodiversity and inclusion. There were many other speakers that shared their career paths, lessons learned, ideas and thoughts about gender equality, and inspiring leadership tactics. And while all of them won the hearts of the audience in different ways, attendees were blown away by young women in technology. A social entrepreneur Aisha Addo is making a difference through a number of impressive initiatives for women, and a teen prodigy Ananya Chadha, left everybody in awe while talking about brain-controlled prosthetics, remote control cars, and robots controlled by brain signals.


IAMCP was also attending the Toronto conference, through its Canadian and US representatives: John Zarei, Titu Sarder, and Jeffery Goldstein, as well as the content team from our International MarComm Committee.




On the same day, March 5th, only across “the pond”, another event was celebrating equality. SHE Conference 2020 in Oslo, Sweden, is Europe’s largest gender diversity conference and the agenda included many valuable sessions, panels and discussion, covering topics such as the global aspects of diversity and gender equality, diversity and inclusion as the future of business, and the power of the individual. IAMCP’s representation was also present at the event with a booth that was visited by many among the total of +2400 conference attendees.



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“The SHE Conference was a great place to brand the IAMCP. The conference itself had an impressive line-up of inspiring speakers and was absolutely “The place” to promote different D&I initiatives.” Said Susann Hauglie, Vice President and Treasurer at IAMCP Norway.




In Munich, The WIT Network joined forces with Microsoft Germany and organized a value-packed event with inspiring speakers in a wide range of backgrounds: from young entrepreneurs, to top managers and university professors. They shared their experiences and views on diversity, women, career paths and inclusion, while interesting workshops provided attendees with practical knowledge.


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Because the IWD 2020 campaign theme was drawn from a notion of 'Collective Individualism', Munich conference agenda had a lot of discussions about every one of us being parts of a whole and how our individual actions, conversations, behaviours and mindsets can have an impact on society.


“Collectively, we can make change happen. Collectively, we can each help to create a gender equal world. And this community we built is phenomenal! The energy in the room, the emotion throughout the day... I am touched and grateful!” Said Franziska Schaadt from the conference’s organization committee the day after the event.




Last, but not least, the celebration of the International Women’s Day in Coimbatore in South East India was not another conference. It was a very special celebration of women’s rights and equality within one company – Quadrasystems, a Microsoft partner and an IAMCP member – that turned well-known messages about “more female leaders” into action.


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“We believe in walking the talk. It was not just about empowering and inspiring words; we promoted two women to senior leadership positions, as members of an elite group who influence decision making and strategy at Quadra. We also inducted a new batch of women hires from leading campuses and laid the foundation for even more women leaders to emerge. We made sure we don’t just “say it”; we “do it”. To quote Cindy Gallop, words like 'hire', 'promote', 'pay', 'raise', 'bonus', 'invest in' and 'lead' matter much more than 'empower' and 'celebrate'.” Said Quadra’s Co-founder and Executive Director, and IAMCP International’s MarComm Committee Chair, Prashanth Subramanian.

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IAMCP and the global COVID-19 crisis

Posted By Jon Rivers, Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Updated: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Keeping the IAMCP community together in uncertain times and moving activities online


By Aileen Provan & Iva Vlasimsky


With the coronavirus spreading across the globe at wildfire speed, the world has become one big quarantine zone. The virus outbreak is now present in every corner of the globe, causing many health and economic problems and limitations. Our community has chapters in over 40 countries worldwide and, unfortunately, none of us will be spared of the pandemic and its impacts.

“We recognize the risks and concerns posed by the COVID-19 virus and want to make sure we have a unified plan for keeping our members safe, while allowing them to stay engaged in IAMCP activities and P2P opportunities,” said IAMCP International President, Sergio Baptista.

Just as we are all advised to work from home by our governments and the World Health Organization, IAMCP will move all its activities online until the current situation improves.

While this change may be new for many organisations and businesses that need some time to adapt, we at the IAMCP have a slight advantage. Our IT sector is already well-versed in communication technologies and, therefore, prepared for remote working. Staying in touch with your teams and groups of interest, such as this association, conducting webinars and other presentations in the virtual space is something we all know well.

That’s why we are certain that our community moved online will successfully maintain its mission - to ensure a friendly environment for Microsoft partners who want to learn from each other, develop partnerships that generate new values, and grow together.

We are still moving forward with virtual guests and presentations at chapters all over the world. Let’s all work together to come up with creative solutions to keep our community active and vibrant during these trying times,” said Baptista.

Virtual community

Here is some advice on how to maintain your IAMCP activities:

  • Virtual chapter meetings - we highly recommend that all chapters worldwide move their monthly chapter meetings and other gatherings to a virtual format utilizing Microsoft Teams.
  •  Use the IAMCP calendar - we encourage you to use and bookmark the IAMCP events calendar because, as IAMCP members, you will have the opportunity to join other virtual chapter meetings. All IAMCP meetings will continue to be posted to the calendar as usual.
  • Join the US virtual chapter - as many of you know, we have a virtual chapter based in the U.S. that you and your members are always welcome to join for meetings. Find the link here.  

We are honored to have Gavriella Schuster as a guest in our next virtual chapter meeting scheduled for April 7th, 12- 2 PM Pacific time. She will reflect on the current situation and share early thoughts on FY2021. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity; register here so you don’t miss it!


Additional message from our Americas leaders

In keeping with guidelines from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), we are aligning our protocols with these key CDC prevention strategies:

  •  Plan ways to limit face-to-face contact between people at your organisation. Several ways to do this include offering workers the option to telework, replacing in-person meetings in the workplace with video or telephone conferences, and postponing non-essential meetings and travel.
  •  Review your process for planning events, programs, and services. Identify actions to take if you need to postpone or cancel events, programs, and services temporarily. Consider limiting access to your organisation from non-essential visitors.
  •  Plan ways to continue essential services if on-site operations are scaled back temporarily. Provide web- and mobile-based communications and services, if possible. Increase the use of email, conference calls, video conferencing, and web-based seminars.

Our members’ business advice

Because IAMCP is a community of Microsoft partners that help each other and exchange best-practices and ideas, our friends from, India are sharing several useful tips for overcoming the upcoming challenges, based on their experience:

  •  The unique aspect of this crisis is the fact that only a collective effort can yield results. At Quadra, we realize that we need to not just support our families and businesses, but also take care of our communities and the society around us. No one is safe until everyone is safe.
  • We will undoubtedly feel the financial impact of these troubled times. Hence it is important to monitor cash flow and be prudent when it comes to expenditure and new investments, especially those with long ROI cycles.  Make sure that you have reserves to tide over the situation – and it is very fluid at the moment.
  • It is essential to evolve a remote working strategy. We have always had this in place at Quadra, and we even have a few senior employees who have been remote working for several years. Being in the technology industry, this may come easily to us, but the crucial aspect is to develop a system and process to manage and execute work remotely. This may be more difficult than just setting up a technology solution.
  • We need to evolve a business continuity strategy – how can we continue to keep delivering services to our customers – who depend on us to manage their technology infrastructure, even while we keep our employees safe.
  • If working from home is not an option, isolate your teams and senior leaders so that you can contain any possible impact. This is something we have already put in place at Quadra.
  • Devise means to stay connected even when working remotely – it could be as simple as video calls. Make sure that, as leaders, your presence is actively felt in every sphere. Your team needs this guidance more now than at any other time ever.
  • Customers will also empathise and be flexible – so it’s a great time to explore new ways of meeting them, such as over video calls.
  • Make sure that your financial systems run well, and payment cycles are monitored. We have always been disciplined about this in Quadra, but now we need to be even more well-planned.

Stay safe

As many of you are already practicing remote working, we compiled a short list of useful resources on how to make the most of it and how to overcome the typical challenges of working from home:

“We will continue to monitor the global situation and update you as needed. In the meantime, if you have any concerns, questions or need further assistance, reach out to us. And of course, stay safe,” said Baptista.

Take care of yourself and others, be responsible, and stay at home. The new global threat will have many consequences on our private and professional lives, on our businesses, families, and communities. However, if we stay responsible and kind, if we help each other and stay connected, we will overcome this and recover faster.

After all, that is something that every Microsoft partner and IAMCP member knows very well - that we are better and stronger together.   

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Forging the Path to Gender Equality

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The IAMCP celebrates International Women’s Day by honoring the success of one of its own:

IAMCP D&I committee chair, Sarika Malhotra

By Aileen Provan

Despite the need for much more work and greater awareness, over the last decades, we have come a long way towards establishing balance in gender equality. This would have never been achieved without leading examples of bold women who dared to take new initiatives and chart new territory typically "reserved" for men.

On International Women's Day, we celebrated the achievements of those women who have helped pave the way towards an equal world and whose courage, determination, and success inspired others to follow their lead.

We didn't have to look far for inspiring role models; we found them in our IAMCP community.  Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair, Sarika Malhotra, is one of those fearless women who dared to be different.

20 years ago, women as technology leaders or female entrepreneurs were a rare breed in India. Sarika started her first tech company in 1996, then five years later, co-founded another one, becoming its director and CTO. She continues to be at the helm of that company, Pune (India) based C3IT Software Solutions, as its CEO. Anyone who has had the opportunity to work with, or for, Sarika Malhotra, knows that she a formidable force who leads her team with compassion and embraces diversity as a strength.

Unfulfilled army career

Her tenacity and determination have empowered Sarika to overcome challenges throughout her career and now to lead a staff of over one hundred technology employees. Of course, her leadership was developed and shaped over many years, and it all started with her idea of joining – the army! 

Sarika greatly admired her father, an engineer in India's army, and desperately wanted to follow in his footsteps. That passion escalated after his death during her high school years, but India's military rules back then forbade women to enlist other than in a medical capacity. Sarika preferred active service and was deeply disappointed that she was denied the chance to fulfill her dream. Despite pressure from family, she decided to pursue an engineering career, albeit outside the military.

A girl in STEM

The India of the '80s saw very few women entering the engineering field. At her university, Sarika was one of only 6 female peers in a group of 250 students. This gender imbalance meant fewer opportunities and also prevented female students from comfortably speaking up in a male-dominated classroom.

Sarika persisted through these challenges, went on to complete her Master's Degree on a full scholarship, and eventually won a Gold Medal from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, India. She was then hired from campus by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a large multinational Indian organization. Here she worked on mainframes and Cobol, then moved on to build a banking software solution, which is one of TCS's flagship offerings in the BFSI domain even today.

The working Mum and tech entrepreneur

In 1995, Sarika's husband was transferred to Pune, which meant an end to her role with TCS in Delhi. While TCS offered Sarika an opportunity in Pune, she found the work was not challenging enough, and coupled with the challenges of raising a 3-year-old daughter, no childcare support and a long distance to travel to work; she left TCS. Not one to sit idle, Sarika started teaching courses, eventually freelance consulting when her daughter started school. As her assignments increased, she started designing and selling software and, before she knew it, had 10 customers!

She formed a small company that caught the attention of a large ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) company with which she merged. Sarika was invited to join their management team, but the distance to their office was quite prohibitive for the mother of 2 young children. Eventually, despite tasting some success, a difference in leadership mindset led Sarika to start afresh and partner with a professional friend to begin C3IT Software Solutions – now in its 18th year.

Reflecting on her greatest challenges through this transition, Sarika said,

"Again, I found myself in a man's world, with no clue about corporate finance, or how to read P&L statement. Networking was tough, being the only woman trying to break into a group of men standing around a bar with a drink in their hands. It was the toughest thing I had to learn, and when I did it, I felt victorious! Of course, as for all women with a young family, work/life balance was difficult, even with a supportive spouse. We worked mostly with U.S.-based companies, so the time difference was hard on my family. My children became very independent at an early age, doing things by themselves that their peers could not".

Leader, Committee Chair and D&I advocate

Today, Sarika is the CEO of C3IT Software Solutions, an MS Gold Partner and a provider of IT solutions in the areas of Business Intelligence, Content and Collaboration, and enterprise-level custom solutions. The company's focus is on helping customers utilize data effectively for collaboration, compliance, and insights.

Sarika is also the Chair of the IAMCP International D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Committee, serves as President of the IAMCP Pune Chapter, which she founded in 2016 and is a member of WIT India.

C3IT and D&I

At C3IT, Sarika sets the D&I tone, leading by example and demonstrating that the model works.

"We have very successfully integrated a diverse community within our organization. Our hiring decisions are based on skills and ability, not biases. A few years ago, we realised that we had very few female applicants and recognised that women only apply if they meet 100% of the job criteria, whereas men apply even if the fit is only 50%. So, we tweaked our job descriptions to segregate "mandatory" skills and "preferred" skills, and the female application rate increased."

In one instance, the company hired a woman in her late 40s who had graduated but had been a full-time stay-at-home mother all her adult life. Having recently lost her husband, she found herself in financial distress and had two sons to educate. She started her career at C3IT at a late age, and the company has also subsequently hired one of her sons who recently graduated in Engineering.

This model was again reflected when the company was called upon to consider hiring a young girl, Shikha, a mechanical engineer who was recovering from depression and life-threatening illness. While she was responding to treatment, she needed to be financially independent and get her life back on track. When she started looking for work, she realized that all potential employers were located in industrial zones far outside the city, and she was not yet physically able to make the long commute. Although C3IT usually hires people with education in IT-related streams, the company devised a creative solution and hired Shikha as an intern to do QA (Quality Assurance) testing, training her from the ground up on quality standards.

And the outcome? After just 6 months, C3IT was able to hire Shikha as a full-time employee.

Said Sarika, "We were very happy that Shikha recovered well and has grown to become a valuable part of our team! By breaking down barriers we connect with people better, hear different perspectives and learn more from one another. It is empowering for individuals and makes companies stronger and more successful."


Twitter: SarikaMalhotra0


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Ready to take off: how an IAMCP partnership solution is revolutionizing airlines’ customer communications

Posted By Pavan Jangid, Thursday, February 20, 2020
Updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

The recent ‘Travel Summit 2020: key challenges facing the travel industry’ - organized in Madrid by Indra Spain and sponsored by PopcornApps (USA) - was a big opportunity for the two Microsoft partners to showcase their joint venture.



Introduced by Microsoft

When Microsoft sees opportunity for partners to provide solutions to customers, it does its best to facilitate those relationships for the greater benefit of all. And that’s exactly what happened when the Global Managing Director of Microsoft’s Travel and Transportation Group, recognized a potential communications solution for the travel industry.

Microsoft introduced Silicon Valley’s PopcornApps - a specialist in digital transformation, online and mobile channels, customer relationship management and emerging AI technologies - and Indra - a leading IT multinational in Europe and Latin America, with presence in more than 140 countries and around 40,000 employees. This introduction facilitated a partnership with excellent synergy and a combination of offerings that could deliver more value to the end customer through a joint Go-To-Market strategy, integrated offerings and bundled offers.

Together, the two organizations made it possible for PopcornApps’ Airlines Conversational AI Template to be used effectively in airlines’ customer communications across languages and geographies. The solution adopts conversational AI to modernize traveler engagement by leverage messaging, which is the most frequented engagement channel.


Transforming travelers’ engagement

While the initial offering was in English, PopcornApps knew that worldwide airlines would have customers who could use this communications solution in multiple languages such as Spanish, Arabic, French, and many more. By working together with Indra, they extended their market reach in places like Latin America and Europe.

By combining expertise, stretching the limits of the technology through close collaboration with Microsoft, and leveraging the Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services, the team turned a unilingual platform into a multi-lingual solution with international opportunity.

“Together, we are able to share best practices around mediums and approach customers in regions and ways that we individually couldn't have done by ourselves. This has taught us innovative ways in which we can partner and how that partnership can improve the scale of the offerings of our respective organizations.” - Rohan Marfatia, Vice President - Sales, PopcornApps


The sky is the limit

This solution is pre-integrated to both Amadeus and Sabre travel technologies, making it an applicable solution for approximately 90% of airlines, globally. This has led to subsequent initiatives like PopcornApps being a Gold sponsor of Indra’s travel summit 2020 in Madrid, Spain, held on February 17th/18th, where partners jointly met multiple airlines.

In addition, they showcased their newer offerings like the Airlines CRM solution for a 360-degree view of the passenger.   


About PopcornApps

PopcornApps is a global Systems Integrator & Independent Software Vendor headquartered in the Silicon Valley, California with offices in the UK, India and Singapore, and a member of the IAMCP Northern California Chapter.

A Gold Microsoft partner, the company is also a vendor to Microsoft on Microsoft Retail Reimagined and a member of the Microsoft’s prestigious Artificial Intelligence Inner Circle Program and on Microsoft’s Bot framework partner advisory board.

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Partnering for Success in a Global Economy

Posted By Pavan Jangid, Thursday, January 23, 2020
Updated: Tuesday, February 11, 2020

An IAMCP Members’ Guide to International Partnering 



By Paul Solski

The benefits of partner-to-partner (P2P) relationships are no secret to IAMCP members. In fact, we have seen success stories from around the globe where members have formed alliances, both locally and internationally, to provide innovative customer solutions and win business.

The forging of local partnerships often takes place through IAMCP chapters, where members have the opportunity to get to know one another, learn about respective skill sets and form a bond of trust.

International partnering can be much more challenging, however, with the obvious complications of distance, familiarity, and cultural differences.

Challenging, but with the right groundwork and approach, IAMCP members are poised for great success through partner knowledge- and skills-sharing on a global level.


Key Factors to Consider Before Attempting an International Partnership

There are two phases to this section: firstly, considerations prior to launching internationally and, secondly, considerations in forming an international partnership.

Before Launching Internationally

It’s important to evaluate your success in your domestic market. Simply put, it is much easier, cheaper and faster to grow market share in a market where a company already has a presence, is familiar with the way business is done, and has existing contacts and people that know their competitors, the industry and potential clients.

Good indicators of being ready to expand internationally include:

  •  Having established a profitable business locally
  • Having a significant domestic market share (e.g. 10%)
  • Having developed an existing partner network in your home country
  • Experience in selling and winning against global competitors
  • Some experience with selling and supporting international clients
  • Willingness to invest in activities and resources in a new country for 12 months, even without generating new sales there.
  • Having a notable number of international brand name client references (at least 3)

Forming International Partnerships

Consider which of the following two scenarios best describes your business:

a)    A company with packaged repeatable software IP, such as an ISV

b)    A company with specific professional services expertise such as an SI, MSP, or VAR

For ISVs, the main objective for building international partnerships is to achieve increased scale in sales, marketing and support. This can be best achieved by levering international partners who already have the people, premises, infrastructure and local contacts that can be applied to these areas.

To maximize the impact of partnerships there has to be a thoughtful matching of partners. When evaluating potential partners, consider:

1.     Their ability to reach their target customers and build a pipeline

2.     Their ability to sell, implement and support customers

3.     Their willingness to invest in training and resources to create the desired scale

Beyond the individual attributes of partners you are considering, it’s also important to:

  • Assess the market opportunity and ROI for specific countries you are considering
  • Define the GTM (go-to-market) strategy for each country – direct or indirect, industry specific or horizontal
  • Define meaningful differentiators to competitors already in your identified target markets
  • Identify the right partners for your target industry segments
  • Define a clear business case for partners to justify in partnering
  • Prepare a complete partner program that enables you to ramp partners up and rapidly enable them to become self-sufficient.


Barriers to Success – And How to Overcome (or Avoid) Them

One of the keys to partnering success is having a thorough understanding of the target market.

A market that isn’t dominated by a single competitor is more open to best-of-breed solutions and therefore to international solutions. Where there is a dominant single competitor, it’s more likely that there is a vast ecosystem of partners and customers who have a preference for the dominant competitor, e.g. SAP in Germany, or Dynamics NAV in Denmark.

Cultural considerations are another important factor and need to be taken into account.

How is business done? Are customers open to foreigners or do they have a preference for doing business with locals? Do customers expect to be wined-an-dined or is it strictly professional? Do customers or partners expect “gifts” to do business with you and is that acceptable to your company (and government) policies? Which factor dictates the purchase: price or value?

Underestimating the cost and time for success can be a key financial trip-wire.

It takes time to gain sales momentum in a new country, especially if the GTM is through partners. Expect to invest approximately 3 months to recruit and activate a partner. Then, the sales cycle for a particular solution has to be added before the first partner sales are realized. An expectation of 12 months to build a customer opportunities pipeline and sales momentum is realistic and should be factored into your projections.

Even if an ISV solution is in the cloud and sold through partners, anticipate the need for at least three resources in a new country: the Business Development Manager, the Pre-Sales Specialist, and the Technical Implementer. Then there are expenses for a serviced office, communications, and travel, etc. to consider. In the US, a three person subsidiary may cost $500K per year.

Approaching an international venture as a long-term investment, vs. an opportunistic one, should be part of your partnership strategy and planning process.

Ability to offer meaningful differentiation to drive customer appeal and business growth.

When considering dealing with an outside entity, international customers and partners will want an answer to this question: “Why would I buy/sell your foreign solution when there are already good local ones available?”

Having meaningful differentiation is a must. This can lay in features, capabilities, TCO (total cost of ownership), or ROI (return-on-investment). Price can be a differentiator, but is not always a good one as it can be associated with inferior products or services.

Ideally, your solution will address the needs or “pain points” of certain types of customers who are currently underserved.

The ability to form effective partnerships - the engine that drives increased scale. There are two types of partnerships to consider: re-sell and co-sell.

In re-sell partnerships, an ISV can leverage partners’ resources and contacts - the primary revenue drivers. The ability to clearly state “what’s in it for the partner” is a key success factor in the formation of re-seller partnerships.


Co-Sell partnerships with other partners, and with industry leaders such as Microsoft, can help to identify more opportunities, build more credibility for your brand and enable you to offer clients more complete solutions.


Developing Your International Partnership Strategy and Business Case

Your partner strategy should be based on building a partner network that is able to deliver complete solutions to specific target customers with the highest value. Therefore, defining the target customers in terms of industries/verticals, customer segments (SMB, MM, Enterprise) and the optimal solution is a pre-requisite to engaging with potential partners.


With your strategy in hand, it is then about recruiting the right partners based on the three key criteria mentioned earlier.


Your business case will define the market opportunity for partners – i.e.  (target customers) x (likely to buy) x (sale price) x (retained margin). A multimillion-dollar per year market opportunity is necessary for your proposition to be compelling to partners.

Defining the ROI for potential partners is equally as important. Your prospective partners will need to know how much they should expect to invest in people, training, marketing and support. Justification of this with the retained margin on sales and maintenance are important elements of your business case.

There are also strategic elements of a business case to consider from the partners’ perspective, such as the ability to cross-sell other products and services, become more strategic to their clients by becoming a trusted advisor, and improving their ability to compete with other partners.


Leveraging The IAMCP for Success

IAMCP partners are well-poised to succeed because, through partnerships, they can sell better solutions to more customers.

Many partners focus on an area in which they have become experts, for example partners who have developed practices in Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint or security. However, customers often look for complete solutions that may include all three components. An individual partner offering only one of these components may not be as attractive to a customer as a consortium of partners that can provide a complete, integrated solution that they undertake to deliver together for an agreed price. The advantage to a customer is that there are no surprises or disappointments. Often, when the partner who has the relationship with the customer takes the lead, there is just a single invoice to pay, one throat to choke and no finger-pointing.

IAMCP partners can also identify and address more opportunities. Each IAMCP partner is prospecting for clients in their local markets and customer types. By partnering, instead of prospecting in one location, you can prospect nationally, and even internationally, to identify more opportunities.

Also, you can prospect more diverse customers because, through a consortium of partners, you can collectively sell more diverse solutions. This has the potential to have a significant impact on the businesses of all the partners within the partnership.


Appealing to Foreign Companies

Partners can appear more attractive for both re-sell (with ISVs) and co-sell (with other partners) partnering opportunities by demonstrating a clear focus and leadership in particular customer segments, and solutions that solve specific business challenges.

This can be achieved through specifically targeted messaging on your website, featuring customer references and case studies, articles and blogs, and by engaging in social media discussions.

You can also use various databases and tools, such as the IAMCP’s INDEX, to profile your company and solutions expertise and make it easier for other IAMCP partners to find your organization.

In addition, you can establish visibility by engaging with Microsoft solution, industry, product and field teams to increase your opportunity to be recommended to other international ISVs and partners.


Globalization - Partnering in a Global World

As our world “gets smaller”, there is an expectation to be global and many customers today expect that their technology providers are global – especially when dealing with Microsoft partners.

Therefore, answering questions about providing services and support in other countries need to be a part of your story in appealing to other IAMCP partners internationally.

The IAMCP itself can be a part of this story when partners engage together. With 4,000+ partners across the globe, in most major countries and across all Microsoft technologies, the IAMCP forms a common foundation for the delivery of solutions to customers worldwide.

For example, if a partner in France is bidding a Dynamics CRM sale to a winery which also sells its products in the United States, there are ample IAMCP partners within the U.S. who can provide implementation, maintenance and support for the solution at the local level.

It is becoming easier than ever to go global!

With the growing expectation that technology partners can provide solutions globally, the technology, tools and partnerships are arising to make that easier. A good example of this is the transition from on-premises to cloud computing. With Microsoft Azure, the platform and applications are available anywhere in the world, and even data security and privacy issues are addressed. 24/7 support is commonplace with support centers located across multiple time zones.

The shift to globalization is here – embrace it!.


About Paul Solski

Paul Solski is Managing Director and Founder of AIM International, which specializes in enabling software companies (ISVs) to expand their market reach, build partner channels and win new clients in targeted vertical markets both domestically and internationally.

Paul is also the President of IAMCP Seattle.

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A Glimpse in the Rear-view Mirror… And what lies on the road ahead for 2020

Posted By Pavan Jangid, Thursday, January 23, 2020
Updated: Tuesday, January 28, 2020



As 2019 drew to a close, we took a moment to consider what the IAMCP achieved over the past year and draw up some goals and plans for a dynamic year in 2020. Here are some of the highlights from the past year:


  • Internally, we have reorganized the Americas to include Canada, U.S. and LATAM. The Americas and EMEA boards have undergone some changes, with terms ending and new executive members being elected. You can read more about the changes here.
  • The Membership platform has now been unified to better serve our Member base.
  • Our Marcomm team has worked throughout the year to improve our image, increase our presence and communicate more frequently and clearly with our Members. You might have noticed an increase in the frequency of our newsletters and, within each issue, an escalated focus on the various committees within the IAMCP, and updates on their respective mandates.
  • A key component of our brand presence is the re-vamping of our website, to be launched shortly (watch for an announcement). You will find it better organized, easier to navigate and more relevant to its users, both Members and visitors alike.
  • Of course, one of the biggest highlights of 2019 was our 25th Anniversary, celebrated around the globe and, most especially, at Microsoft Inspire with our anniversary party.
  • The IAMCP made a huge splash at Inspire this year with a global and impactful presence. The P2P Awards were a special highlight, with many submissions of powerful partner-to-partner stories. You can read about them in our upcoming eBook, “Teamed Up for Success”, which celebrates the partnership solutions of our winning partners across all regions.
  • The IAMCP is actively engaged on the Microsoft P2P Program, powered by the Workspan technology, with partners from the Americas and India being first on the platform.
  • Along with our increased global presence comes greater engagement of Microsoft execs in IAMCP events, most notably the SoCal 10th Anniversary and fundraising event with Gavriella Schuster, as well as events in the Americas and EMEA.


So, Where Do We Go From Here?


As we kick off 2020, we have some exciting goals to achieve that will make the IAMCP stronger and benefit our Members in more ways than ever before. This year we intend to:


  • Achieve a dramatic increase in Membership and grow our net new members in larger countries.
  • Expand our geographic reach to include new countries which haven’t benefited from having an IAMCP chapter yet. Let’s strive together for 20 in 2020! We’re already off to a great start, with new chapters poised to launch in Turkey, Malaysia, and Ghana.
  • Focus on compliance and transparency across the organization to make us better, stronger and consistent.
  • Increase awareness and encourage usage of the tools that are available to members, such as the Thought Leadership Blog where Members can share their expertise to educate others in the form of a blog, which the IAMCP can help you write (simply email Marcomm at


We wish you all the very best in 2020 – to your prosperity!


The IAMCP International Board

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Celebrate Diverse Groups Diversity & Inclusion Calendar of Events in 2020

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Global/US only/

EMEA only/APAC only

Event Title

Short description

Relevant URLs


Jan 4


World Braille Day


Celebrating the birthday of Louis Braille and his method of writing words and music used by blind people around the world.


Feb 1


World Interfaith Harmony Week

Spreading harmony and tolerance among followers of the three monotheistic faiths and all the worlds religions


Feb 21


International Mother Language Day

Promoting linguistic and cultural diversity.




LGBT History Month

Celebrating the lives and achievements of the LGBT community




Black History Month

Recognise contributions of people of the African diaspora



Mar 8


International Women's Day






Autism Awareness Month




May 9


Europe Day

Celebrating the creation of the European Union



May 17


International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia



Campaigning for a prejudice-free world


Aug 19


International Youth Day

Celebrating the experiences and voices of young people.


May 21


World Day for Cultural Diversity


Enhancing our understanding and acceptance of different cultures.


Sep 26


European Day of Languages

A day to celebrate languages and language learning.


Sep & Oct

US only

Hispanic Heritage month (Sep 15 - Oct 15 )

Recognise Positive Contributions of the Hispanic community to enrich the US society



Oct 10th


World Mental Health Awareness day

Global reminder on the importance of acknowledging good mental health and supporting those with mental health needs


Oct 4


International Dyslexia Awareness day




7-13 Oct

UK (Europe)

Dyslexia Awareness Week


Promote Dyslexia awareness through articles, interviews with successful professionals with Dyslexia


Oct 13


World Sight Day

Raising awareness about the problems, prevention and treatment of blindness.


Nov 13-19


Inter Faith Week


Aims to strengthen inter-faith relations and increase understanding.


Nov 14


Global Entrepreneurship Week


A celebration of enterprise and entrepreneurial people.


Nov 16


International Day of Tolerance

Encouraging respect, dialogue and cooperation among different cultures, civilizations and peoples.


Nov 19


International Men's Day




Dec 3


International Day of People with Disability (UN sanctioned)

Promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. It also seeks to increase awareness of gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life


Dec 5


International Volunteers Day

Celebrating the contribution and achievements of volunteers.

We all are volunteers at IAMCP:)


Dec 18


International Minorities Rights Day (UN sanctioned)

Increase awareness about the right of minorities to

· enjoy their own culture

· practise their own religion

· use their own language

freely and without any form of discrimination


Dec 20


International Human Solidarity Day


Developing a culture of solidarity and a spirit of sharing in order to achieve social justice and combat poverty


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SoCal’s charity initiative raised over $100,000 USD for children

Posted By Administration, Thursday, December 26, 2019

Time to give back: with a fundraising drive IAMCP SoCal helps two prominent local charities – Children Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and Orange County Ronald McDonald House


A group of people standing in front of a store Description automatically generated


When IAMCP members collaborate, we're always a powerful team. But when IAMCP Members come together to raise funds for charity, we're an indomitable force.

The IAMCP SoCal 10th Anniversary celebration was such an event, with members coming together to raise over $100,000 for CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) and the Orange County Ronald McDonald House (RMH)!

CHOC is affiliated with the University of California, Irvine, the regional pediatric healthcare network includes a 316-bed main hospital facility in the City of Orange, and a hospital-within-a-hospital in Mission Viejo. CHOC also offers many primary and specialty care clinics, over 100 additional programs and services, a pediatric residency program, and four "centers of excellence" - the CHOC Children’s Heart, Cancer, Neuroscience, and Orthopaedic Institutes.

CHOC will be using the funds to help implement new technology in its Seacrest Studios, an in-house multimedia broadcast center, such as the Surface Hub „collaboration kiosk“, which will connect with another one at the RMH house so that parents can easily commuicate with one another.

Microsoft HoloLens, an untethered mixed reality headset, will be introduced to help children keep their minds off their treatments. With the assistance of the Microsoft's Justin Slagle and his team, the hospital is also looking at ways to can help the staff with better technology through Surface Hub and Microsoft 365 to assist with staff productivity and better ways to enhance guest satisfaction.


Ronald McDonald House Expansion

Orange County RMH is currently undergoing an expansion and is considering how technology could play a role in the upgraded facility.



A rendering of the RMH expansion


Said Noel Burcelis, Executive Director of the Orange County Ronald McDonald House, “We are excited to explore the possibilities of how we can use the funds to enhance guest experience of families staying at the Ronald McDonald House Orange County.” 

This could involve providing products for entertaining the patients and siblings who stay at the House in the proposed Teen Room, or using technology to improve the guest check-in experience and decrease the stress of the “admission process.” In addition, RMH is considering using funds to attain products that could assist staff in collecting, analyzing, and reporting on guest data. 

“This truly is an exciting opportunity for our charity to use technology to further our mission of providing care, comfort, and support to families with seriously ill children.” – Noel Burcelis











                                            The kitchen at RMH


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Expanding Partner Opportunities with a Winning P2P Strategy

Posted By Administration, Monday, December 16, 2019


Expanding Partner Opportunities with a Winning P2P Strategy

Andosi rejoins IAMCP to win the IAMCP Americas Gold P2P Award

Dart hitting a dart board on the balls eye. P2P


Andosi, a Boston-based IAMCP member and direct CSP, has a great deal of experience with partner-to-partner (P2P) relationships. In fact, the organization has made P2P part of its business strategy, embracing the benefits that partnership can bring to all participating parties – including the customer.


A True Culture of Collaboration

Andosi first joined the IAMCP Tampa Chapter in 2009, but later left the folds of the organization. After a hiatus, Founder and CEO Tom Karpowich renewed his interest in 2016, recognizing that the IAMCP embodied the spirit of collaboration that was an intrinsic part of Andosi’s culture.

“We came back to the Tampa Chapter because it promotes a true Partner-to-Partner (P2P) culture of collaboration,” Karpowich says. “We also opened a Boston office, and our team in that region was already heavily involved in the IAMCP Boston Chapter.”

Karpowich cites two main benefits for maintaining an active membership in both the Tampa and Boston groups.

“Actively participating in IAMCP events gives us the opportunity to meet other Microsoft partners and establish relationships that can turn into business opportunities,” Karpowich explains. “We get the chance to understand each other’s strengths, and this leads to referring business to each other in our respective areas of expertise.”

Another major benefit of IAMCP that Karpowich appreciates is the education that the monthly meetings provide. “The partners give great overviews of new technical features that have been added to existing Microsoft solutions and the capabilities of new Microsoft solutions,” says Karpowich. “This helps us expand the value of the solutions we deploy for our customers.”


Resource for Identifying Required Expertise

Karpowich regularly attends meetings hosted by the Tampa Chapter and participates in panel discussions. He also plans to give solution presentations in the future. In the Boston Chapter, Andosi is well-represented by Senior Account Director, Sandra Knight, who is the chapter president and a member of the board of directors for IAMCP North America.

With the internal team including many Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts and clients from across the U.S., Andosi regularly utilizes the IAMCP Partner Portal. This helps identify ideal partners with which to collaborate on customer projects requiring other Microsoft expertise, and partners with resources in other geographic locations.

“One of our clients required professional services at a satellite office in the West Indies,” Karpowich points out. “The portal enabled us to quickly identify a viable partner based in that area, and the project went very smoothly.”


Partners Respect Each Other’s Territory

When Andosi turns to the IAMCP Index Partner Portal, Karpowich knows the members are trustworthy. “Other partners won’t upset our existing customer relationships, and we don’t step on each other’s toes when it comes to interacting with clients,” he says. “Every partner respects one another’s territory.”

Karpowich cites how any Microsoft solution provider that joins IAMCP does so because they are open to forming partnerships with other solution providers.

“Any time we need a partner—whether it’s for a particular set of skills, additional resources, or a presence in another geography—we turn to IAMCP first,” Karpowich says. “We still go through the vetting process to evaluate if we are a good match for one another, but the membership base provides an ideal starting point.”


Collaborative Efforts Pay Off with IAMCP Americas Gold P2P Award

Andosi’s active participation in IAMCP and the many joint-partner Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects that the solution provider has participated in were rewarded in a big way in July 2019. IAMCP awarded Andosi the Americas Gold P2P Award during the Microsoft Inspire conference in Las Vegas.

With this award and the many successes Andosi has enjoyed through collaboration projects with other IAMCP members, Karpowich plans to continue expanding the firm’s IAMCP activities.

“By giving presentations and participating in the IAMCP P2P marketing program, we can increase our presence in the Microsoft market,” Karpowich says. “This will not only bring in more potential business for us, but also expand the value we deliver to clients—by giving them access to a wider range of Microsoft expertise. There’s so much IAMCP partners can do by working together.”


About Andosi

With offices in Tampa, Boston, Indianapolis and Kentucky, Andosi is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Customer Relationship Management and ISV as well as a Silver Partner in Cloud Platform. The firm’s experience with Microsoft Dynamics and business management goes deeper than just concepts—the executive team has worked with Microsoft Dynamics GP since its inception. Since then and for more than two decades, Andosi has watched, learned and played a role in the growth of Dynamics GP and its transformation into a powerful business system.


Andosi IAMCP Activity at a Glance


13 joint projects with IAMCP members

$500K+ in total revenue  


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The WIT Network Sparks Empowering Conversations at Microsoft Ignite and Looks Ahead to 2020

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, November 13, 2019


The WIT Network has been recognized as an important part of the Microsoft Partner ecosystem – and endorsed by Gavriella Schuster – who attended our happy hour at Inspire earlier this year. The WIT Network hosted another amazing Happy Hour on November 6th at Microsoft Ignite. Attendees were able to interact with, and be inspired by Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President of the Cybersecurity Solutions Group, at Microsoft. A big thank you to Nintex who not only sponsored the event, but let us hold it in their booth.  

One of the hot topics of discussion at Happy Hour was The WIT Network 2nd Annual International Women’s Day Conference taking place in Munich, Germany, on March 8 and 9, 2020. Planning is in full swing for this year’s conference, the theme of which is “Believe. Achieve. Celebrate.”

Mark your calendars and be prepared for two days full of inspiration and actionable advice to help guide us all on how to live our best lives and make a positive impact in the world.

More details will be forthcoming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned here for more information and to register. If you’re interested in receiving great publicity and sponsoring the IWD conference, please reach out to The WIT Network President, Christine Bongard.

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