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IAMCP Communicator - October 2016 Edition
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IAMCP Communicator
                                                            October 2016 Edition

Diversity, Connection and Digital Transformation

Dear IAMCP Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to be addressing the global association this month. I have been in role as the IAMCP WIT Global Chair since August and am excited to share our successes and goals for the future.

Did you hear the news? IAMCP WIT turned 40 this month. That’s right, we have grown to 40 communities around the world! I remember when I started and we were only 12 communities. A big welcome to India, Dallas-Fort Worth, France, South Africa, and Germany who have signed up since WPC. That is amazing progress over the last few years and we could not have done it without the dedicated women and men in IAMCP and IAMCP WIT. Thank you for all of your support! 

It is also great to hear that more and more women are being added to IAMCP boards around the world as voting members. India’s board is 40% women and in South Africa the number is 75%. It is well researched that companies perform well with more diversity and produce accelerated results. Our IAMCP membership deserves the same so let’s work together to make it happen.

As far as what is next for IAMCP WIT, we are continuing with our “We’ve Got WIT” Webinar series with the next one happening in December - we are making it easier to communicate amongst the communities and working hard to onboard new groups. There are many events taking place around the globe, so wherever you are, know that you are welcome to learn with us and have some fun!

Recently, IAMCP WIT made its debut at the Microsoft Ignite Conference. Sharon Chang of Northern California co-delivered a presentation on diversity with Microsoft. This was our first step into recruiting efforts beyond WPC. If you are attending any of the upcoming Microsoft conferences and are looking to help share the mission of Women in Technology, please reach out and let us know!

Christine Bongard
Global Chair, IAMCP WIT

Follow me on Social: LinkedIn
Twitter: @cdbongard


IAMCP Working for You!
Have you ever thought about how IAMCP accomplishes so much as a global organization? One of the secrets to the success our members enjoy is the team of volunteers who contribute their time, effort, and resources through serving on the IAMCP board. In addition to the board, there are standing committees consisting of the executive, membership, finance, sponsorship, nominating and professional standards. There are also seven special committees to focus on WIT, WPC, marketing and communications, social media, membership awards, bylaw revision, and Prometheus awards.                                                            

Click here to find out who is working on your behalf.

IAMCP Partner Awards: Members in the Spotlight

IAMCP is proud to kick off the Spotlight Series with the introduction of Qorus Software and their partnership with SharePoint Revolution. Partners since 2014, the result of Qorus and SharePoint Revolution’s partnership not only earned them a Silver in this year’s IAMCP Partner Awards for their work with the North American Roofing company, but also provided an example of the immense value of being part of the Microsoft partner channel.
“We joined IAMCP because we knew it would open the door to so many strategic partners with whom we can collaborate and create ultimate solutions for our customers,” said Michelle Revsbech, SVP of Alliances for Qorus Software.                                

Watch for the full story of digital transformation for the North American Roofing company and the contributions of Qorus and SharePoint Revolution coming soon to the IAMCP website.

Business Leadership

If you have been a fan of the Microsoft Modern Partner eBook series on cloud profitability, check out the latest blog by Jen Sieger with tips on winning the hearts of your customers through top notch service. Top takeaways include:

• Leverage learning and success in your primary vertical for success in the next one;
• Bring value to customers, wherever they are;
• Build success through specialized customer service.


IAMCP WIT Update: Storytelling for Business Impact Webinar (Dec 8th at 12:00 EST)

Get ready to up your business impact through story telling. Julie Simpson, Managing Director of ResourceiT and IAMCP WIT UK Lead, will share insights and directions for identifying the components of telling a great story. She will highlight how to stay focused on telling your story in a way that gives you competitive edge, focuses on authenticity, makes your point, and drives your desired outcomes.

Register here to attend!

The IAMCP WIT Updates

Meet the newest IAMCP WIT global representatives for 2016 – 2017:
Christine Bongard  Global Chair
Sharon Chang – US West
Sharan Hildebrand – US Central
Beth Burrell – US East Region
Karina Lopez - LATAM
Julie Simpson – UK
Marga Van Laere – EMEA
Ruth Morton - Canada

IAMCP Mexico - Arts, Hearts and Raising Big Dollars
The IAMCP Chapter members in Mexico believe that one of their obligations is to care for youth - especially those most vulnerable.

At the most recent Microsoft Partner Summit, IAMCP showed up in a big way, raising $40,000 for Mayama, an organization focused on innovative education serving a marginalized population suffering from violence. An auction with the theme of “Art to Build a Culture of Peace” featured artworks by the children of Mayama and Unesco painters along with donated sculptures and additional artwork. The funds will go towards building “The Refuge”, a salon to help children recover from violence. This is the fourth year that IAMCP Mexico has supported those in need this way.

A big THANK YOU to the numerous volunteers and the following organizations and individuals who support making Mexico better:

• Jorge Silva, Director General of Microsoft Mexico
• Lorenzo Gallardo, Campaign Chairman of Mayama
• Alejandra Peña, Director General of Mayama
• Alicia Merchant,  Public Relations and Strategy of Mayama
• Jesus Fonseca, President of IAMCP Mexico
• Ricardo Escorihuela, Vice President of IAMCP Mexico.

The chapter encourages others to adopt this practice. For more information, contact Jesus Fonseca Hernandez.

Accelerate Sales, Deployment and App Development with help from Microsoft Experts

Are you a Microsoft cloud reseller? Do you develop applications on Azure? Learn how one partner experienced a 25% reduction in time from lead to close and a 30% decrease in deployment time.

Whether you are getting started with a new technology, are new to your role, need to delve deeper into customer scenarios, or are developing applications on Azure, you can build your technical presales, deployment, and app development skillset and scale your resources by following Microsoft’s guided technical journeys.

Microsoft experts help you expand your capabilities, increase efficiency and apply best practices so you win more deals, accelerate deployment, and increase consumption of Microsoft solutions. Leverage technical training and personalized technical consultations through your Microsoft Partner Network core benefits.

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Digital Transformation in Spain

This past April, IAMCP Spain hosted an idea generation and innovation forum in which hundreds of companies leading the country’s digital transformation participated. Improving customer experiences, creating new products and services, boosting the culture of innovation, and realizing efficiencies were included in the themes. Over the two-day event, participants shared how to best use Microsoft tools and generate new business opportunities. Experience the success of the event yourself in this short video and see what ideas it generates for your region’s next event!


3 Superpowers of P2P: The Practice, The Profits and The Resources – Tuesday, November 15 11:00 AM EST
Better than x-ray vision or super human speed, building P2P business is the secret to winning more deals, profitable growth and future proofing your business. Join this webinar to learn how to put the power of P2P to work for you. Take action and register today!

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